The web and consumption in emerging markets

With the ongoing worldwide recession many companies have put their hopes in emerging markets; for many the results have not lived up to their expectations, are taking much longer than thought or seem imperiled. The view from the web can help us put things in perspective and find specific opportunities for the right product mix and distribution channels.

Analytics and the web: trust vs coupons.

While Business Analytics and Big Data are very useful tools we need to understand that a deeper change is happening: our own customer's use of all this data; this is changing their expectations of our products and of ourselves.

Customer satisfaction and the web

Summary: Customer satisfaction is a central pursuit for any company, and yet we have few clear tools to manage it. In this article we look at the usual suspects through the perspective of our web empowered customers. While these tools do help we urgently need to expand their scope, cut through the consultant speak and… Continue reading Customer satisfaction and the web

Customer experience beyond customer service, knowledge management and CRM.

While customer service, knowledge management and CRM react to our clients' needs, their experience is becoming much broader and deeper thanks to the web; to match their new expectations we need to understand this bigger customer experience, be much more proactive, and use the web itself.

Anatomy of a web solution: the case of the golden converter.

An example of a web solution can be seen when a vendor learns of a particular problem for customers at a specific point in their experience with the product through his interaction with them on the web, and uses the web itself to offer a solution. The solution itself needs to be findable and easy to grasp.

Fulfilling the web’s promise

To fulfill the web's promise we need to establish where we want to take our customers, all pain points and opportunities in their experience around our product, and specific web solutions for each. This requires a cultural change as well as solving various obstacles, but the result will be a product and customer experience we can feel proud of.

CRM and the web

By drawing parallels with CRM we can establish how we can use the web better: we need to begin with our customer insights and then establish web or CRM solutions, instead of putting the cart before the horse by diving into the technology or medium and hoping for the best.

How the web affects our marketing: Effect on our customers.

The web is affecting our marketing through our customer's expectations, particularly of our brand promise; we need to use the web itself to deliver on this new promise. For this we need to set our own expectations, those of our colleagues and establish the resources required.