First service: Media Strategy. Why we need to be on the web; why we need to do something about it today.

  1. Web strategy, content strategy, opportunities in your market, goals, measures of success. Alignment with your commercial strategy and brand.
  2. What needs to be done, resources, how to diminish risk and avoid common pitfalls, differences with traditional marketing.
  3. Who should be in charge, how to budget, where to begin, what to expect. Rate your current web presence.

Second service: Web projects.

  1. Establish specific opportunities, web solutions for each.
  2. Establish all necessary internal and external resources, time and costs, what we can do with what we have.
  3. Quick wins and medium term investments. Rank the web project portfolio by benefits, costs and time.

Third service: Web project methodology.

  1. Project audience, goal, measures of success, stakeholders.
  2. Steps required for project, flow.
  3. Specific functions required, staff profiles, what needs to be done internally and what needs to be outsourced, what to ask of web vendors.