New vs old

At the heart of what the web can do for us is the idea that our customers can do better, we can help them get there and use this as a competitive advantage. The biggest change isn’t technological but a mindset which we can illustrate by comparing where we want to be (“New”), vs where we are today (“Old”).

Discover the best worldwide.Stuck with whatever's available locally, whether it's good or not.
Discover all that is required to fulfill our need.Incomplete picture.
See how all that is required is connected.Stuck with unconnected bits.
Several options.Few options.
Productive search.Frustrating search.
Fun search.Hassle.
Transparent, open.Opaque, closed.
Available whenever we need it.Available at specific hours.
Sales staff on our side.Sales staff indifferent, trying to sell what's more expensive.
Knowledgeable sales staff.Sales staff doesn't know the product, can't understand what we are trying to achieve.
Customer feels welcome.Customer is seen as a pest.
Relevant to our quest.Interrupts our search.
Find the best at our budget.Unsure about the best options for our specific circumstances.
Sure about making the best purchase.Unsure, risky purchase.
Goodwill.Mistrust, hostility.
Long term relationship.Customer ceases to exist after the sale.
Can achieve results with the product.Don't achieve results.
Easy to use.Frustrating.
Can grow with product.End of the line with product.
Want to give good feedback.Want to complain.